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Decoration is the first and last impression of every celebration and a successful party lies on good food, beautiful decor and fun activities.Decoration is anything used to make something more attractive or festive. Decoration will include anything it would be a room, interior, party, baby shower, wedding. Decorations are features that are added to something in order to make it look more attractive.

Decoration at an event are necessary for setting the mood, framing the emotions and present them in an attractive way. From crepe paper streamer to professionally designed displays of colour and beauty. Decorations generally work within a themes, determined by event sponsors and coordinators, setting the stage for the bulk of the event proceedings.
For making event successful and attractive colours must be choosen and established for the event in keeping with advertisement and floral arrangements and tying the whole together into a feast.
While decorating is most exciting part of event planning. The decor rules collaboration among event coordinator to arrive at a common of what the event theme is all about,the Idea with decor. Decorating can be simple,or as extensive as coordinated colours of table clothes, colour of clothing event, decorating with flowers is always a winner, banquet tables, centerpieces and anchors, stage backdrops. Flags,banners and posters lend upward interest when hung from the ceiling.
It become necessary to have the manpower , they needed to decorate a large hall for special events, ladders , tape, wire and tools to make an event to remember.
We have amazing elements of decoration without that we will not make it happen memorable and enjoyable.
*Space starting block ,foundation of your design.
*Lines that are visually pleasing, design should have the right combination.
*We should understand the purpose of event.
*Know your audience.
*Selection of right venue which is more important for any event.
*Design the messages you want to share through event.
*Last but not least , create contents that attracts your target audience.
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